Bank Account

for GmbH in Foundation

Account for German GmbH or UG in Foundation

Bank Account (Geschäftskonto) for your German Company (GmbH or UG) in Foundation (in Gründung) for depositing the Share Capital (Stammkapital).

  • Account Opening in 24 hours
  • No Personal Visit Required
  • No Nationality Restrictions
  • Confirmed by German Notary
  • Full-fledged Online Banking
  • English Interface


Account for Company in Germany

Full-fledged Online Banking

Account in 24 hours

No Personal Visit

English Interface

Confirmed by German Notary

No Nationality Restrictions

The fastest way to start a UG or GmbH in Germany

Guaranteed Business Account in 24 hours | Ideal for GmbH and UG | Online Onboarding | All Legitimate Businesses are Accepted

How it works

Get Your Account Ready in 24 hours


Online Verification

Simply confirm your identity online with your passport and selfie.

Upload Documents

Upload the Articles of Association (Gesellschaftsvertrag) of your GmbH or UG in Foundation (in Gründung)

Get your Account Details

Get the bank details of the new account to transfer the share capital to

Deposit Share Capital

Transfer the amount of the share capital to the new account

Download Account Statement

Download the account statement and send it to your German notary as a confirmation of the allocation of the share capital

Get your FREE Company in Germany today! No setup fee, no incorporation fee. No personal visit required.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    GmbH and UG in Foundation

    Your company needs to have the legal form UG (haftungsbeschränkt) or GmbH in Gründung (in foundation) and has to be located in Germany.

    • The registered office of the GmbH or UG in formation has to be located in Germany
    • You must have a notarized and signed memorandum of association (Musterprotokoll, Urkundenrolle, Gesellschaftsvertrag) with a seal or stamp

    Once the account is opened, you are required to provide us with the following information and documents:

    • Within 10 weeks after opening the account we need the excerpt from the commercial register (Handelsregisterauszug).

    An Unternehmergesellschaft, with the abbreviation UG, is a special form of the GmbH, which was introduced in Germany in 2008.

    Both legal forms are considered to be limited liability corporations and are similar in many respects.

    Probably the most important difference for founders: With a GmbH you need a share capital of at least €25,000.

    When founding an UG, you only need a share capital of one Euro. Therefore the UG is also called a small GmbH, Mini-GmbH or 1-Euro-GmbH.

    Starting a Mini-GmbH in Germany is a cost-effective way to become an entrepreneur and to enable a quick start into self-employment without the risk of a GmbH.

    In addition, an Unternehmergesellschaft must bear the addition “UG (haftungsbeschränkt)” in the company name.

    Yes. The minimum share capital is €25,000. At least half of this amount, i.e. €12,500, must be paid in at the time of foundation. If there are several partners, each share must be at least €1.00.

    First the notary appointment, then the account opening.

    A company that needs to be entered in the commercial register (Handelsregister), requires a notarized certificate of incorporation to open an account. This must be presented when opening a business account.

    After opening a business account, it’s essential that you send your notary a certificate of payment of the share capital (Account Statement) so that he or she can certify it and send it to the commercial register.

    Account for GmbH or UG in Foundation

    Bank Account (Geschäftskonto) for your German Company (GmbH or UG) in Foundation (in Gründung) for depositing the Share Capital (Stammkapital). No personal visit required.

    €995 all-in

    What is included in the price:

    • Business Account opening fee
    • Online identity verification
    • Company onboarding procedure
    • Account in EURO currency
    • Online banking access
    • Incoming SEPA and SWIFT Transfers
    • Official account statement
    • Confirmation for the German notary
    • Dedicated Customer Support

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